Aircraft Trade Group Services

Aircraft Acquisitions

In today’s world of instant information, it may seem easy to simply click and ‘find the right airplane.’

However, with so many hidden variables involved, you need a non-biased advocate on your side.

Most people in a position to purchase an aircraft have attorneys for legal review, accountants for taxes and of course many other specialists to guide important decisions. Acquiring an aircraft is no different and if not more important.

In almost every case, our efforts generate value worth many times our fee to the buyer.

Just a few of the hot topics that we analyze are:
  • Are you getting the best deal?
  • Will the aircraft meet your mission needs?
  • Is there a detailed and managed Pre-Buy Inspection?
  • Is there damage or adverse history?
  • Are records complete, clear and concise?
  • Will the maintenance status yield years of uninterrupted operation?
  • Is everything FAA compliant?
  • Are your tax implications considered?
  • What is the real cost to operate this aircraft?
  • Who is looking out for you?
After the transaction, we are still with you:
  • Do you need help with delivery, crew or management?
  • Did you receive everything you were promised?
  • Do you need help with upgrades, changes and shop visits?
Let’s Work Together

We are not just a broker – we are your sales team the entire way!