Why use a broker to buy or sell my airplane?2020-03-16T20:56:25-07:00

Our focus at ATG is help you realize your goal in acquisition or sale of your aircraft. We are tuned in to market trends, regulatory changes and current demands. Our goal is to negotiate the best price and experience for our clients. In most cases, the value obtained in price and support far exceeds our commission. We are your advocate from initial inquiry to closing.

Does there have to be a Pre-purchase Inspection?2020-03-15T17:39:45-07:00

Yes. No matter the size or expense of an aircraft, no matter your relationship with the buyer or seller, ATG strongly recommends and manages the pre-purchase inspection process for our clients. While spec sheets and the advertising make the process look easy, there are many details to sort for a smooth transaction.

Can I simply send paperwork to the FAA on my own?2020-03-15T17:39:41-07:00

Yes, but we don’t. In our experience, even the best intentions can lead to snags, delays or even denial of FAA registration. ATG uses a title company for every transaction, and we provide this for our clients with every transaction. When we close your transaction, the deal is done.

Does ATG work only with turboprops and jets?2020-03-15T17:39:38-07:00

ATG is well qualified to support your piston needs. Many of our transactions are with piston aircraft, and we apply the same care and professionalism to all transactions. Many of our representatives own and operate their own piston aircraft.

What about after the transaction?2020-03-15T17:39:33-07:00

ATG will support you as needed. We can help with import/ export of an aircraft, pilot services, maintenance, upgrades and more. We also do project management.

Can Part 135 charter operations act as a benefit my aircraft ownership?2020-03-15T17:39:27-07:00

In many cases, yes. Many turboprop and jet owners use the resource of a charter certificate to provide supplemental income, tax benefits and discounts on fuel, maintenance and insurance. We can help evaluate whether Part 135 operations would be benefit to you or your company.